It’s Ubud Time


So i have just arrived in the beautiful island of Bali and I’m reunited with all of my friends and basically feeling on top of the world.
We head out for some seriously delicious Balinese food. Celeste has been here at this point for over a week so she knows the lay of the land and all the places to go. And unfortunately I missed the curry night that everyone claimed was “so amazing” and so jealousy from Brenna.
Anyway, then Celeste tells us that tonight at Yoga Barn there is ecstatic dancing. And we go. And your probably thinking “well, what is ecstatic dancing?”
I will tell you curious readers.
That would be about 200 people (mostly hippies, yoga-fanatics, men with long hair, girls in long skirts) in this dimly lit thatched hut in the middle of the jungle all dancing around like crazy. It is not the night club, flashing lights, everyone’s all squished together on this tiny dance floor. These are international hippie humans frolicking about to music that is kind of a mix between mediation sounds and electronic dance beats. And it’s like the second you get there you just have to dance.
And we did. For like and hour and a half straight. This was enough exercise for me for the week!! I wish I could’ve gotten a video, but that’s not allowed and it’s really something you have to be there to understand.
So we retire to Celestes beautiful hotel room and drink a bottle of wine and slip off to sleep feeling pretty damn great.
So I was in turmoil about staying in Ubud or going right to the Gili Islands where Lenny was, but I decided to stay one more day.
So Terese, Joske, Sarah, and I rent 2 scooters from our hostel for about 5 bucks each for the whole day and decide to ride out of the city. And I only nearly died once!
But we ended up at these gorgeous rice fields.

Which were right by all these stands and so we got distracted shopping for a while. Typical girlie shenanigans.
And then we continued on in search of this temple. And it was pretty much a miracle we found it. We would just ride up next to a person on the side of the street and say “temple?” And then they would point in a direction and we would go that one. In one case it came to the point where I just mimed a temple over my head to a truck that was passing through and intersection and they just waved in one direction as were like “sweet! That way!”
But we actually found it!! And got sexy skirts to prove it.

Obviously we were dressed too inappropriately to get into the temple. And what it actually was was a holy spring? And there were people bathing in it, but we assumed if we couldn’t even walk into the temple without help from the locals then maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea to bathe in their holy waters.

So then we headed back. And didn’t die on the scooters. And that night we played a game where we flipped a coin to figure out where to eat. Like “which side of the street?” And ended up at this place we though looked good because there were lots of people, but then it was like pretty good but not amazing and we realized more people were coming in because we were there. And thus realized that we had gone in assuming it was good because of the people and just had become part of this chain reaction that kept this little place really busy all night.
And we went to sleep early because the next morning we were Gili Bound!


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