School Is Over: Bali Bound

So after finishing my last final: math. Which was atrociously terrible and I really don’t wanna think about it, I set off from KAB to begin my small solitary trip to Bali.
Alright. It wasn’t really solitary because I was gonna meet up with Joske, Terese and Sarah the second I got to Bali.

So I spend the night in KL, soaking up the lights at KLCC and getting some sleep before I’m up at 6am to catch the monorail to KL Sentral, and then the bus to KLIA2 and then after 2 hours of waiting. (So I got to the airport early? Sue me. Being late when traveling gives me anxiety and maybe I did some mental math wrong so early in the morning)
Then I got on my plane to Bali!
And then I got off the plane in Bali and was told that I need to pay 300,000rp which is like 25 bucks, but the problem is that I have about 40ringitt and none of the ATMs are taking my money. So I’m like “shit” and I go to the counter where I’m supposed to pay for my visa and I’m like “hey I don’t have cash” and the woman is like “sorry we only take cash” and I’m like “well, the ATM won’t take my card” and she just kind of looks around like someone help and then finally is like “alright, can I have your card” and she tries it on the secret card reader she’s hiding. And it doesn’t work. But it does work at her neighbors secret card reader.
So the moral of the story is folks: that when they say they only accept cash, they probably actually accept credit cards too. You just have to give them no other option. They still want your money.
So with a new stamp in my quickly-filling passport, I found myself an ATM that actually works and immediately used 30 dollars to get myself a taxi to Ubud. That’s the city where all my friends were, and Lonely Planet claimed was much better than the touristy Kuta (where everyone stays). This I now agree with after seeing both.
So I tried to small talk with my Indonesian cab driver for an hour and a half and then discovered that there is two Tanjung Bungalows in Ubud, because I was dropped at the wrong one and I’m standing in the lobby like “guys?”
It’s chill because it was only like a 15 minute walk to the other one which was gorgeous!!

And we were all reunited!!


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