The Last Malaysian Hoorah

Kara and Brenna take Melaka (and KL again)


I would like to start by just saying that currently Lenny is in Bali and Kara is packing and really so is everyone else, and I’m the only one who had to take another freaking final. And it’s math, and I’m going to be miserable when everyone leaves and before I can meet them up in Bali.

Let’s kick off this last KL trip.

So Lenny was gonna come with us, but he was sick, so we went to pick up our visas for India that had taken forever to get, but they look pretty sexy.


And then me and Kara met up with Emilie and Shawn (Emilies boyfriend who was visiting from America and he had gotten there just like 2 days ago) for a second to get our hostel and then me and Kara we to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2! 

This movie was seriously amazing. And we were both crying for 3 reasons:

1. The movie was sad and we just have the hearts of children.

2. Hiccup reminds us of Austin. They are literally the same.

3. Brenna’s just so sad about the semester ending and feeling pretty emotionally compromised.

After that we went to the taco place despite the previous un-speakable event where I was unjustly forced to pay 50 ringgit for water, but guess how much the water cost this time? It was freaking free! They just asked if we wanted water and brought us the free stuff this time. I was grumbling, but the tacos and nachos made me feel better.


Then we went out for one last night in KL. We decided to check out the Reggae hostel because we had stayed in the Reggae in Penang and we liked it there, so we get up on the rooftop and it’s pretty chill. But I guess it was the owner’s birthday because next thing we know, Kara is being pulled up onto a table and then she pulls me up and the guy goes:

“Hey what are you guys going to do?”

And because I’m not one to miss an opportunity and maybe because I needed to go out on a bang I replied:

“We’re going to rap” 

And we rapped the Chris Brown verse of Look At Me Now on the table of a Malaysian bar and got free drinks for it. And a hell of a lot of compliments because who would have expected that we would be so badass.

Then Abdul our Saudi friend got there and we were excited to see him because he had been in Saudi Arabia for a while. And he was gonna take us back to Bukit Bintang, but the Saudis always have other plans they need to take care of before they can do anything so we took a quick detour out of the city, and Abdul bought us orange juice, which seriously may have been the highlight of the night! Freaking delicious orange juice. 

And then on the way back we were subject to some seriously typical Malaysia: 

So the Saudis always get stopped at police check points and are forced to pay money because the Malaysians know that they have money and they are super corrupt. We’re pulled over like normal and they ask for our passports, but unfortunately Emilie and Shawn don’t have their passports. So then this dickhead of a cop starts yelling at them and of course they didn’t know any better and he just wants to get a rise out of them so they will pay him money.

And then I tried to be like “Well, we know for next time” and the cop told me to shut up. And I was a quarter of a second away from wailing on the guy, but Kara held me back and then we went to sit in the car until the Saudis paid them the amount that they thought was appropriate.

Typical Malaysia Malarkey

The moral of the story is that the next day we get on a bus and head to Melaka. 

This is the place that freaking everyone had been talking about and a lot of internationals had been earlier when Kara and I where in Cameron and it was kind of a “had to be there” kind of story place, so I was like I’m freaking going to Melaka. 

We get there in the middle of the day. This place is really cool!


And it used to be like a Dutch port or something like that so there are all these ruins and European shit, which is really cool.

We got dinner at Nancy’s which is like “place you have to go” in Melaka where there is a long queue, but we got some seriously delicious Melaka-n food and something called a “top hat” which I would recommend if you ever go to this place. It’s like a little hat shaped biscuit/cookie with veggies inside, maybe like onions and mushrooms, but it’s sweet and I ate 5 in addition to my main course.

It was Saturday, which meant that there was a large market and we went shopping for all our last souvenirs. I’m not saying, but some of you reading may be getting things from Melaka.

The also have these light-up tuk-tuk bikes that you can ride, so we got one of those home.


And I spoke some Malay with the driver which made me feel very cool and accomplished.

The next day we explored some of the European stuff, climbed to the top of this hill to discover that Melaka is right on the ocean and we had no idea.


And I was depressed about Kara leaving.

We got back, did a bit more shopping at the Central Market in KL for the last time and I got an adorable polaroid camera that I will use to chronicle my next 3 weeks of traveling and when we met up with Lenny before he went to Bali I took this adorable photo


Because it was Kara and Lenny’s last time seeing each other and my last time seeing them both together and the three of us have the most fun together I think 3 people can ever have, so I was pretty depressed.

But on the way home Kara and I got our traditional Super Rings and Cottage Fries. She likes Cottage fries, and I like Super Rings, but we both agree that they taste way better together. 



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