I Got A Tattoo (In Malaysia)


This tattoo has been a long time in the making. I drew it myself. It uses the element of up and down and then put it in a circle patter. It looks like a star and also an atom. It’s a visual representation of energy and the universe. It provides power and energy. 

I’m obsessed. 


We went to the same place where Mia got her tattoo and where Kara and Lenny got their ears pierced in the beginning of the year. It will forever hold the memory of that place and Malaysia which I am super happy about. I was nervous about getting it here, but after Mia’s turned out great I decided it will have even more meaning if I get it in Malaysia. 

I freaking love this place. I find myself getting upset when I think about everyone leaving. There is something so innocent and magical here. There is something amazing about how much of an accident it was for all of us to be here, but how perfect it has been. I’m trying not to think about leaving. I have 4 more weeks to get through. 

Not starting the countdown just yet. 


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