On The Way To Myanmar

As promised, I spent the week before finals, not studying, and instead taking a lovely vacation to the newly opened country of Myanmar!

Oh the tales of Myanmar (which used to be Burma!)


Alright. So the first part of this story is called:

The Hours Brenna Goes Without Sleep 

Let us count them. 

So it’s thursday and our classes are cancelled because the Sultan of Perak (the state in Malaysia where we live) has died. Emilie has left already because her ticket to Myanmar was for a day before ours. Lenny and I leave at 6:55AM on Friday so we were gonna spend the night in KL as to get to the airport on time. 

After a day full of nothing, we head into KL at about 6PM. The first stop is new sunnies and the second is to the Time Square mall where they have DDR. After successfully kicking Lenny’s ass at DDR for the second time we do this “Escape Room” thing. (Think the movie Saw) And they put us in this room and we have to escape. And it was upsettingly difficult. We had to have loads of help from the people who work there. 


So we lost. And then we saw some Tom Cruise movie in 3D and ate a bunch of shitty chicken. And so it was like 3AM and we were looking around for a cab and finally just got a cab all the way to the airport. Which was new? So this is a nicer airport, and we couldn’t go through security so Lenny blows up his mattress and I have to sleep on the hard floor (“sleep” being relative). And then we got on the plane and ended up in lovely Yangon, Myanmar! 

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