Barely A Day In Yangon

So it’s Friday morning and we haven’t really slept and we get a very sweaty cab to meet Emilie at her hotel. (She was very happy to see us) So Myanmar is very hot! And definitely less-western than Malaysia. Even though this was one of the biggest cities in the country, it was pretty dirty and chaotic. And we didn’t really know anything beside what our cab driver was … Continue reading Barely A Day In Yangon

On The Way To Myanmar

As promised, I spent the week before finals, not studying, and instead taking a lovely vacation to the newly opened country of Myanmar! Oh the tales of Myanmar (which used to be Burma!) Alright. So the first part of this story is called: The Hours Brenna Goes Without Sleep  Let us count them.  So it’s thursday and our classes are cancelled because the Sultan of Perak (the … Continue reading On The Way To Myanmar