Sing A Song For Singapore

(This is actually my second time writing this blog post, so I’m sorry if the second time around I lose a bit of the hilarity)

I was supposed to present a Malaysian poem this weekend, but when Lenny and Mia came saying “Let’s going to Singapore” I was like “Sorry Malaysian poem, I have better places to be”. And honestly, thank god someone wanted to go. I was starting to feel silly about being so freaking close to Singapore and never going. Why would I waste an easy opportunity to get another stamp on my passport? 

So Let’s Head To Singapore!


So we head out early on Friday because Lenny and I need to attempt to get an Indian visa. Yes, the whole visa thing is feeling redundant that this point. The problem is that it’s not that easy to get into KL so we usually have to wait until the fridays of every week to head over there. This time we learned that we were in the wrong place and would have to go back later to another place to turn the visas in. 

Then we met up with Joske and ended up on the 5 hour bus to Singapore!

Crossing the border was a feat!

We get to Johor on the first bus, then have to get on the Johor-Singapore express to cross the border. This takes us to the Malaysian side of the border where we have to get off the bus, go upstairs, wait in line, get our passport stamped and then go back down to the bus. Then the same bus takes us about 2 minutes over the border to the Singapore side and there we get off the bus, go upstairs, wait in line, get our passport stamped, and go back down to the bus. Except this time our bus wasn’t there. And the mean Singapore man just told us to wait for the next one. So we waited around for a while until some nice bus driver took pity on us and let us on his bus. 

It was late at night by then so we didn’t do much beside find our hostel in Chinatown. The cheapest one we could find. And then treated ourselves to some delicious Chinese food! The prices weren’t too bad. For example, my meal was about 12 Singapore Dollars (which is pretty much the same as USD) which would be about normal for a big plate of food in the US, but then when you convert it back to ringgit you’re like “36 ringgit?!” So i tired not to convert it back to ringgit. 

I’m not used to thinking in USD anymore! It’s easier for me to convert to ringgit to see if something is expensive. I have to keep thinking back to specific things in the states, like “Oh a Big Mac is about 4 bucks right?” “Tacos are like $1?” And then comparing prices here. Southeast Asia has spoiled me! 

The hostel was fine except the air con was so cold and three people decided to get into a snoring battle in the middle of the night, and all the rest of us were the ones who lost! 

We woke up ready to play!

After taking a stroll through Chinatown, which I have to say is slightly less exciting than KL Chinatown market, we met up with Joske’s dutch friend who had been living in Singapore for 5 years. I don’t know how to spell his name, but I swear he introduced himself to us as “Hoop”. And Hoop was a godsend, because it was nice to have someone tell us what to do in the city. We were only there for one day and I feel like we got so much done! 


It’s pretty ridiculous that Singapore is so close to Malaysia because in some ways it’s clearly similar, but it’s also like 10 times nicer! And you have to be millionaire to drive a car in Singapore! Do you see the cars in that picture? “There’s a millionaire!” “And there’s a millionaire!” There everywhere. It’s like a city made and inhabited solely by the crazy rich…and that’s exactly what it is! 

It’s way classier because, I mean, when you have that kind of money, why wouldn’t you? 

And they have a merlion:


That’s a mermaid and lion for you uneducated folks! 

So then we looked at the Singapore Flyer (the big ferris wheel), but didn’t go up because we are poor. And instead, we headed to Little India where the poor people are welcomed!! 

This was a radical difference between the classy Marina Bay area and the Little India area which was pretty much more like Malaysia. Oh, Home Sweet Home. This was were we found this crazy mall, that was more like the entire contents of a wall mart squished into a two lane area and then made to go on forever! Just rows and rows and rows of stuff. 5 floors, and it even goes under the street. 

After that, we went down to Sentosa Island, the tourist trap of Singapore, but we didn’t go into Universal Studios because we are too poor, but we did look upon where the millionaires spend their time. Then we rode the monorail with the coolest miniature asian ever: 


And after the ride we got to the beach! Where we watched the sunset and listened to the club music that was coming from the bar right behind us. Nothing like Pitbull to really set the mood of the beach-sunset thing! 


The beach was crowded, and after we left Hoop had to book it to work on his fancy 3D printing, smart person stuff, but he told us we should spend our night at Clark Quay. 

It was easy to find because the subways in Singapore are immaculate and honestly probably the best subways I’ve been in. Comparable to Hong Kong. I kept comparing the whole city to Hong Kong, but Hong Kong has way more culture. Singapore was honestly pretty western, but it was still really cool and beautiful. 


Clark Quay. Is really really cool. And there are bars and shops, but we are too stingy for that shit so we got drinks from the world smallest 7-11 and did the local thing of drinking along the banks of the river. It was a great way end a really awesome time in Singapore. We went back to the cold hostel, and the snorers had moved on, so we woke up ready to go home and get Mia on her flight back to the states!


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