I Found The Malaysian MOA

Don’t Worry Minnesota, Your Mall of America is still the best!

But there was also a roller coaster in here.


We didn’t have school on Tuesday because it was a national holiday. This meant that we decided to take a big group to KL for the day. I was looking forward to just hanging out for the day.

Lenny’s friend Mia had gotten to Malaysia a few days earlier so this was also our time to show her around and explore KL. We first had to drop by the Myanmar offices to get our visas for Myanmar! This time the trip was considerable more successful that the first attempt to go to Myanmar because we actually had tickets to get into the country!

Then we decided to get off at the Imbi stop on the KL Monorail and check out the Time Square Mall Area! And boy were we shocked! There was a roller coaster and games. This place was like 8 stories tall! It wasn’t as big as MOA, as i kindly kept informing everyone I was with, but it was still very impressive!

I spent a lot of time kicking Lenny’s ass at DDR.


Then we went back to check out Chinatown markets and I took this nostalgic picture:


Different scarf. Different shoes. Same picture. Different person tho. I feel like a year has gone past. I’m much more confident in KL for one. The people here feel more like family than friends. Everyday we’re counting down until we go home and I can’t stand it!        


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