I Paid 50 Ringitt For Water and Other Random Things

  1. We spent the day on Friday in KL. I bypassed a weekend in Kapas because I really really wanted to go to KL and eat tacos and see a movie.
  2. We got tacos and the tacos were amazing, but the son of a bitch waiter brought us water in a fancy glass bottle and little did we know that the freaking water was 25 ringitt each! For you who aren’t as good at converting to Malaysian currency, that would be almost $9! That is completely ridiculous! And we got 2! The water was as much as the tacos and the nachos. Kara and Austin were not even mad, but I was seconds away from throwing a hissy fit.
  3. We saw Transcendence. That is this Johnny Depp sci-fi movie, and the first movie I have seen in a cinema since probably Christmas. We had to take a long commute to a new part of KL to get to the theater. I bought some caramel popcorn.
  4. They had like normal random commercials and not movie trailers! This was upsetting to me because movie trailers are like my favorite thing to watch!! Why would they take this one gleeful moment from me?!
  5. We ended up running to catch the bus for the freaking millionth time! This is a horrible trend!
  6. The bus from the Tanjung Malim Saturday Night Market was complete insanity tonight. I’m carrying what feels like a freaking ton of recently purchased fruit and have to elbow probably a hundred crazy Malaysian to get on the bus back to KAB! These little Malaysian girls look timid, but they are death with the elbows and the pushing when it comes to the bus.
  7. I got a stellar taro card reading by Terese.
  8. This Saturday night we just played cards and I realized for the millionth time that I am going to miss everyone so freaking much.

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