My Audio Group Still Kills

So my audio class is still one of my favorites. 

Despite the fact that the professor told us that there will be no more lectures because he has nothing more to teach us. Now we must work on our group projects, doing editing that he hasn’t taught us to do. Thank god I can sufficiently edit audio. What about the other people? 

This whole “I give up on teaching” seems to be a common thread at this university. My Malaysian music professor showed up for half the class today and then left us to mess around. My Malay professor hasn’t been showing up for class, nor has she taught us anything. I had 2 math classes in a row cancelled. Actually, I have probably had more classes cancelled than I have had class! I skip a lot too because it seems so pointless to go sometimes! I can’t believe they actually think people are learning at this university!

On a slight side note: I registered for classes next semester! I am taking audio and film classes. Oh boy! 


But the moral of the story is: My audio group did a sick recording for our Cinderella dialogue/scene. That’s Farrah in the picture with me, if any of you remember the very first week of classes when I met Farrah and decided we would be friends. With a bit of editing ahead of me, I’m looking forward to this! 

The recording also involved many selfies. Malaysians take like a thousand selfies a day. They are obsessed with pictures. Well, at least pictures with the internationals. Exotic. 


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