Who Has A Phone (Finally?)


This girl!

And a selfie to prove it! Yup. Monday I finally got on the phone with someone in Malaysia who speaks decent english and he informed me that they actually have been trying to get me the phone for a few days over break, but UPSI hasn’t been letting them in? Typical. So I could come to the store and pick it up on Tuesday. Then he gave me a Malaysian address that I diligently wrote down hoping some taxi driver could translate it. 

I’m up at the crack of the dawn on Tuesday, getting myself in a cab and making the trek to this building. Which, turns out, is the ghost of fedex past, and old decrepit place that took me and my very nice cab driver, Bruce Lee, a long while to find. 

But I got it!

And it had a passcode. So I tried every code I could think of until it was disabled for an hour. WTF? Why would it have a code? It’s supposed to be new. 

Didn’t even think until this morning to ask my dad. Yeah. He did it. And now it’s functioning. 

And it’s going on airplane mode. I’m not gonna abuse it the way I was earlier. I’ve liked getting a detox from my phone. The first few days were crazy, but now I’ve adjusted, learned my lesson. And I’m gonna keep a careful eye on this one. So the moral of the story is:

Don’t send electronics to Malaysia. 

Because they will steal them, and make you jump through hoops for a month before you can get it. 

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