Vientiane For A Night

Our flight to Bangkok was going from the Lao capital, Vientiane so we had to leave Dee Dee and Luangprabang for a long bus ride. We shelled out for the VIP bus and thank god we did, because we got a quick look at the non-VIP buses which were pretty much air con-less school busses crammed full of people. 

And we spent 8 hours on the bus. This one went through freaking mountains. We ended up at the edge of a cliff, driving, and looking out at nothing because the fog was obscuring everything. It literally looked like the edge of the world.


We get to Vientiane and we had gotten this hostel recommendation from an old lady who was staying at our hostel in Luang Prabang. So we head to funky monkey primarily because they have free breakfast. And various other travellers from the bus follow us there. We get more tastes of songkran in the tuk-tuk.

Have I mentioned yet that in Lao they drive on the right side of the road. We switched over coming from Thailand and it was freaking us out. It didn’t feel normal. I had gotten so used to driving on the left after Malaysia. Thank god I am now back in Malaysia where things are wrong and normal.

That night we just wandered. We ended up all the way out on a beach next to the river and then wandered back along the street for food. I think we were getting very tired on the trip so we passed out, and thank god, because the last 2 days were gonna get crazy.



One thought on “Vientiane For A Night

  1. Just re-reading about your Spring Break — sounds so good — we have had this past week as our Spring Break — only two more weeks of school .. when do you get back to the States? Can you come with us to Seattle for the family reunion? August 22nd…– glad you have a phone — LUV’UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU G.

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