I’m Just Gonna Post Everything About Bangkok

So we catch a plane at about noon from Vientiane and get to Bangkok around 2PM. Then we take a tuk-tuk, looking for a hostel some british chick told us about and we end up at Khao San road, which is apparently the center of the city and all the craziness.


The roads are closed. The streets are packed with people. We are released in search of the hostel to a flood of water. Everyone has guns. People are selling food in the mayhem. Other people will come up and smear mud/flour stuff on your face. And we are having to navigate in this shit. Luckily, some nice woman at a pizza hut gave us a few plastic bags and we could find a hostel before we got too wet.

Then we went out to play. 


We shelled out like a few hundred baht for guns which was way overpriced, but considering that we needed guns now we’re like “okay we’ll pay”. And then we played for the next few hours. It was probably the most fun I have ever had. Imagine just thousands of people all just together and spraying each other with water. Half the time was spent just wondering the streets and getting soaked (the soaked through happened in about 5 minutes). Sometimes some bastards would pour freezing water on us.

People kept ice in their water buckets. 

And half the time we would station somewhere in a bar and shoot from there. That way we could use the bar’s water and form teams with the other people around there. It was mayhem and amazing. The whole day we spent like that, until finally we had to remove ourselves a bit to get some dinner and then back into the fray for the night.

The next day was more or less the same. 


We started out with a boat tour of the city, which was also over-priced. I had really wanted to go see the floating market, but learned that the big one from all the pictures was actually like an hour or two drive north. That was pretty disappointing. The boat was actually nice and a relaxing break before we dove right back into Songkran for one night.


So did I like Bangkok?

I guess I did. Kara, Celeste, and Therese stayed for half a day and said they really disliked it. Other people we had met in Chiang Mai had said it wasn’t that great either. I guess I got the best of it. I got to play in a water festival the whole time. I did feel a lot more like I was being ripped off by things like tuk-tuks and boat rides. It’s more expensive, and hell, it’s a city. It’s like any big city. It’s pretty westernized.

We did get dinner that final night in a beautiful cafe near a canal. I almost missed Malaysia, until I got back and was welcomed by an hour-long customs line. Now I’m back to Malaysia and the patience that is necessary to survive there.

So Spring Break Recap:

1. Songkran

2. Elephants

3. Scooters

4. Waterfall

5. Ladyboy Cabaret

6. Tigers

7. Bunchan Hostel

8. Lao Slowboat

9. Saturday/Sunday Chiang Mai Night Market

10. Backpackers. The best people you will ever meet.

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