Road Trippin’ And Waterfalls


So we woke up very keen on renting motorbikes and taking them to the famous waterfall we had been hearing all about. Of course, we get to the motorbike place and they let us know that it’s gonna be 160,000 kip to rent it for the day. So that’s like roughly $20, and considering we paid like $2 a day in Chiang Mai for bikes, this seemed extravagant. Well, we really wanted to bikes, so hell, we would just pay for it.

The trip took about an hour and was very incredible. We went all along these country roads and through hills and valleys. Then the waterfall was seriously the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. You could climb all the way up and there were many landings and levels.


After swimming and jumping into the river, we pretty much climbed/dragged ourselves up the side of the cliff to get to the top of the waterfall. But it was worth it. We stood at the edge of the earth and felt infinite. Then we discovered that there was a much easier hike down the other side with actual stairs.


On the way back Lenny nearly died. His tired had been flat and we had to refill it, but then it exploded on the road and he miraculously didn’t crash. Then we had to load the whole bike into the back of a tuk-tuk and ride all the way back to the city. Then the tuk-tuk tried to charge him 100,000kip! And he paid 50,000.

Then we spent the better part of an hour arguing with the scooter place because they were gonna make us pay for the tire. We also wanted our money back. Of course, we had signed some sort of contract that made us liable. We argued enough that we didn’t have to pay for the tire, but we had still shelled out all that money for the bike that broke and caused us all these issues.

We got more Lao food and then went bowling. Apparently, Luangprabang has a curfew and so everything closes early and then everyone goes to like the only place that’s open which is a bowling alley. Lenny was terrible. And I was miraculously not the worst. Dee Dee won both games we played. It was an awesome way to end the night, and the time in Luangprabang.


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