The Day Everyone Left

Sunday was the day that everyone left. Kara, Celeste, and Terese were taking their own path down Thailand and hitting up the islands. Austin left about noon to go up farther north and investigate some national park.

So I rented a scooter.

Yes, Typical Brenna. And yes, I know I was cheating on Rody, and yes I am harboring some guilt from that. But I also miss having a scooter and I miss Rody, so I had to get out there on one just for a little bit. When in Thailand. 

And Kara and I took a joyride a long way outside the city and it was totally worth it. It was a little freaky driving on the opposite side of the street, but Malaysian had already conditioned me to this. I also wasn’t used to weaving in and out of traffic the way that the scooters in Chiang Mai do. I had to focus on the road so whenever we would approach a light Kara would just yell “Green means go” and we would just drive, throwing caution to the wind. The traffic laws are clearly not the same in Thailand. It’s pretty much a free for all.

Lenny got back from his overnight with the elephants about an hour after everyone else left. Sarah, Lenny, and I ended up heading to the supposedly “bigger” Sunday night market (though I was skeptical remembering how crazy huge the Saturday market was. Could it actually get bigger? The answer is yes) with about a dozen people from the beautiful and amazing Bunchan Hostel (am I name dropping this place enough?). This group included San Diego Carly and German Manu as well as this 17 year old kid from Canada whose name I never learned but I just called him John Lennon because he had long curly hair and round glasses.


That’s me hanging out the back of the tuk-tuk on the way to the market. Something that was equally thrilling as it was terrifying. No laws in Thailand. 

Lenny has found his people travelling. Everyone has long hair. It’s actually crazy. I haven’t seen this many guys with long hair in one place ever, and I live in California.

I ended up buying more things and even more food. Mangos! Then we gave up on the market, sat outside this patio restaurant, and listened to a Thai man play the guitar. Magical.

When Thai guy ended, he was followed by this Turkmen couple with a baby who sang folk songs (um, my future? I wish). So we chatted with them when they were finished and learned that they had sold all their belongings in Turkmenistan and moved to Thailand, but then had everything stolen on a train. That’s passports and all their money. Now they are playing to afford to go back home. We bought some of their photographs as well. Culture.


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