Road Tripping: Lake Day

So we had been hearing about this lake outside the city, and by this point Lenny, Me, Manu and John Lennon all had scooters. So us plus Carly and Sarah who were the passengers were planning on hitting up this lake on Monday.


So we’re up relatively early, thinking might as well get a head start.

The first thing that happens is that Lenny takes John Lennon into the city center to get his bike which I guess was left there? And then like 2 hours pass. No word. And we’re like “wtf?”. Finally John Lennon gets back on his bike and informs us that Lenny is at the police station. Turns out he got pulled over because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. 

So now we’re like “shit”. Sarah and I had been needing to get the bus tickets for the next day so we decided to use this time to scooter to the bus station and buy tickets. After a lot of waiting, we get back with tickets and thank god Lenny is back.

He informs us that they took his ID and then made him drive to the station to retrieve it and pay 200 baht for a ticket (that’s like 20 ringitt, 6 freaking dollars).

Money comment: Thailand was easy because it was just 10 more than a ringitt and guess what? I can think in ringitt. I’d be like “80 baht for the meal? Alright 8 ringitt. Not bad”. Hooray for Malaysia.


So with that drama out of the way, John Lennon takes the lead for the very exciting 30 minute scooter ride to the lake. Of course, the first thing we do when we get to the lake is take a nap. I went in for a bit. But the moral of the story is that we were freaking tired and it was a slamming way to spend the last day in Chiang Mai.


That night we saw the lady boy show again because a bunch of people from the hostel was going and I (being extremely nostalgic) thought “what a great way to end the time in Chiang Mai? The same way we started”. Well Carly got boobs in her face. John Lennon got licked. I got a wink from a ladyboy, and the kicker of the night was at the end Manu went up and a ladyboy took off his shirt and danced up on him. All of us were dying.




We passed out exhausted because the next day we had to be on the bus by 8.

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