I’ve Got The Eye Of The Tiger

I’m not trying to make it sound like I am some sort of hot shit or anything, but I have gotten about 113 likes on my facebook profile picture of me spooning a tiger. So like…I’m pretty badass, but the moral of the story is:

I got to spoon a tiger.



So Kara, Sarah, and I are dead set on getting some time with tigers and whilst the others are going about their own business, we are taking a tuk-tuk ride to Tiger Kingdom.

The tuk-tuks in Thailand are those motorbike things where you squeeze 3 people in the back of this precarious vehicle. And then that vehicle drives 50 km per hour through Chiang Mai traffic. It’s pretty intense and definitely a highlight.

So anyway, we played with the small tigers and the biggest freaking tiger. The small one wasn’t actually that small, and one tried to trip the worker. Resentment or playfulness? I don’t know. There were trainers in there with us and we had to approach the tigers from behind. Seems a bit counterintuitive right? Sneaking up on a tiger?

Apparently if you approach them from the front they think you want to play and that’s when you get mauled.


We creeped peeks at the littlest baby tigers and they were so precious. They are all curled up around each other. So I’ve endeavored to get myself a tiger. It would be like Aladdin.

So after the tigers we got a tuk-tuk back and waited for a while to get a bus up the mountain. There was like this big temple we had been hearing about and then after one precarious minibus ride later, we got up the mountain.

And you couldn’t see much of the view because of all the freaking smoke. Smog? No. This was smoke. Says so on the iphone weather app. This is because of all the open burnings I suppose. It just leaves the whole city breathing in this lovely haze.


The temple was up a million steps, and they were trying to scam tourists by making them pay. We avoided the second one. And then I got a shock after the temple when I was attempting to buy a sausage on a stick from one of the vendors and discovered (to my dismay) that it was actually rice in a freaking sausage casing. So that was odd. Can’t really escape rice in this part of the world can you?

The other 4 internationals were doing a cooking class so Kara, Sarah, and I (per recommendation from one of the lovely hostel staff) headed out to this riverside restaurant where you could sit on the patio and look out over the river, and there were lights, and it was actually pretty romantic (something we comically noticed as 3 casual dressed college girls).

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