Chiang Mai Day 1

Day 1 means the day that we got there. If you recall, there was a lot of Brenna staying awake all night and not a lot of things getting done.

So post nap, I am awake at the same time as Sarah and Austin and we set off into the city. Agenda? None.

So turns out our new awesome hostel is a decent distance from the old city. Chiang Mai is set up with the Old City in the center, surrounded by a moat, and the remains of an old wall. The Old City is the big bustling part of Chaing Mai, generally. Luckily the east of the Old City is the lively bit, and our hostel was to the east of it.

A little walking later, and Brenna is buying a new thai shirt and we are beginning to realized just how many Buddhist temples there are in this city. There are a lot. They are seriously beautiful. We went into the two before we ended up at the big temple in the center of the city.

This one was epic. And to top it off, we got to chat with a monk! It wasn’t what you are thinking. The monk we chatted with was 22 and basically just a cool dude. We talked more about what to do in Chiang Mai than actually Buddhist philosophy and stuff. But it was clear to me that these guys totally got it. I think if I was any religion it would be Buddhist. They talked about creating the reality of your life by starting the morning with meditation and positivity. Powerful shit.


Then I got me some Paneang curry (my other favorite Thai dish) and we made it back to the hostel in time to catch a group going to the ladyboy cabaret show. This was recommended by the very gay owner of the hostel.

This was probably the greatest thing I did in Chiang Mai. Or at least, the funniest. Sexiest? Strangest? All of the above? These men were the hottest women ever. Men should not be able to move like that! I lost all self confidence because these ladyboys were way hotter than I am.


Probably the most dramatic was when one started out singing to “I Did It My Way” and slowly took off all her make-up and clothes and looked like a man again. It was a pretty powerful statement.

I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have had a more successful first night in Chiang Mai!

One thought on “Chiang Mai Day 1

  1. Love it…love it…love you!! Have to read the date to determine what you are sharing!! I am so proud of you and love you dearly!!

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