I’m Just Gonna Post Everything About Bangkok

So we catch a plane at about noon from Vientiane and get to Bangkok around 2PM. Then we take a tuk-tuk, looking for a hostel some british chick told us about and we end up at Khao San road, which is apparently the center of the city and all the craziness. The roads are closed. The streets are packed with people. We are released in … Continue reading I’m Just Gonna Post Everything About Bangkok

The Day Everyone Left

Sunday was the day that everyone left. Kara, Celeste, and Terese were taking their own path down Thailand and hitting up the islands. Austin left about noon to go up farther north and investigate some national park. So I rented a scooter. Yes, Typical Brenna. And yes, I know I was cheating on Rody, and yes I am harboring some guilt from that. But I also miss … Continue reading The Day Everyone Left