Batu Caves: Actual Tourism

It was funny that I hadn’t made it to the Batu Caves yet, considering they are basically in KL and probably the easiest tourist site to get to!


Yeah, pretty sure this exactly picture is on one of my Pinterest boards. The Secret, right?

So, despite the late night, I was awake Saturday morning at 8am. Yes folks, I think I was possessed. Friday night we had made pizza and pasta for the Indonesians as a reciprocation for a fish dinner they had made us earlier. Of course, when I say “we” I mean the imperial we of the ISEP group and not me personally, because if you remember, I was filling out a form all day Friday.

The funny thing was that I don’t think they were super excited about the pasta. Regardless, was excited about the pizza and pasta. Add a bit of red wine and I could make pretend that I was in Italy. Though I have officially decided I’m moving to Italy when I graduate to lead bike tours. I ate pizza with flaming hot cheetos and my life was complete.

It was actually I happily large group of Batu Caves bound travelers. Terese, Joske, Celeste, Kara, Emilie, Austin, Lenny, and for the morning one with American that we had met in KL. Today we were train bound instead of the usual buses. Kara and I were feeling a bit of deja vu considering we had spend the better part of the day before riding pretty much the same train. I can’t decided which I like better. The trains are a bit more inconsistent and they take roughly the same amount of time. Of course, you never get stuck in traffic and you never have buses that rock back and forth like the one Kara and I had been on the day before.


So the Batu Cave are obviously gorgeous. From the pictures I had assumed that they were way out in the wilderness, but nope they are right next to the freaking city. It’s like how I’ve been telling everyone about how the pyramids in Egypt are right next to the city and you wouldn’t have expected from the pictures. The statue is Hindu, the whole thing is a big Hindu temple. Unfortunately, I really don’t know anything about Hinduism. I digress.

After a lovely and well deserved lunch (we were tired after all that sitting on trains) of Indian food, we had to climb 250 some steps.


Yes that is my very tired butt in that picture. I was way out of shape and so all those steps going pretty vertically were not my thing. It was worth it, however, because the inside of the cave are pretty incredible.


It’s really big and open and relatively cool. ‘Cool’ being a very lovely thing. And after 250 steps back down, and some perusing of Hindu temples, we ended up in a cab and headed around the back of the mountain because some people wanted to rock climb. Celeste made us stop temporarily so she could get some durian. Have I talked about durian yet?

Durian. Well this is this Malaysia fruit, that literally smells like garbage. It kinda tastes like “egg and onion” according to Celeste. And like “rotting garbage” according to me. I’ve only tasted a little bit, but both times I had to wash it away the taste with other foods. The smell is upsettingly permeating. A lot of hotels and business have signs like “NO DURIAN” so the smell won’t get in the building. It is really a strange thing. Some people love it. I’d say most people hate it. Most foreigners anyway.

So after some rock climbing we head back to the train station and this is where Brenna fails at transportation for the millionth time. We couldn’t all fit in a cab so four of us get in the first cab and the others wait. I’m in the first cab and I get to the train station. We all buy our tickets and are heading to wait on the other group next to the train. I’m at the top of the stairs and heading down when some guard starts waving like crazy apparently thinking I had forgotten something. The worst that it wasn’t even anything we had left.

So then, when I turned back apparently the train had started to leave and the others had hopped on while I was distracted, not realizing I wasn’t with them. So I just wondered around for a while waiting for the other group and after a while decided to call and see if they are coming, but apparently they had gotten another ride and were going to a different station so I was like Oh! And then I got on the next train obviously because I had been sitting around for nothing apparently.

The good new is that they were at the next stop and actually got on my train! That was cool, because I wasn’t sure I knew exactly where to go without everyone.

The night continues because its about 9:30 when we get back to Tanjung and we are all starving and also it is pouring outside. This is probably the longest it has down poured since we arrived in Malaysia. It is also Saturday night so apparently all the cabs are busy, so we are ravished and standing at the train station with no where to go and a huge craving for KFC. After a lot of waiting and hopelessness we just decided to brave the rain and look for a place to eat. Luckily there was one right across from the station.

With more rice in my belly (I do not think I will ever eat rice again when I get back to the states), I passed out. Finally feeling the 5 hours of sleep from the night before and the 250 steps.


Look how well I am keeping up on this blog. This was only yesterday. Of course, I’m just writing this to avoid doing homework, which I do not want to do. And I was woken relatively early because some dude has a microphone and there is some shenanigans going on outside my window. Not the most pleasant way to wake up, I’d say. 

One thought on “Batu Caves: Actual Tourism

  1. The best thing about Celeste having durian was how easily we found seats on a packed train. We would enter a coach, people would sniff around confused, then disgusted, give us dirty looks and leave. People tried to keep their seats, holding clothes over their faces, but they all eventually left.

    Lesson – you don’t make friends with durian, but you do get spacious seating

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