I Got America Mailed To Me


Well nothing cures homesickness like jelly beans and flaming hot cheetos. 

Yes, mother, I have received this package. Let me just say, that the Malaysian postal service obviously doesn’t like me. I had to walk (through the freaking mid-day sauna, I might add) to this post office in town, because apparently they can’t deliver my packages to the KAB package room like everyone else. This is getting ridiculous. 

Did I mention my phone drama? 

Well. The Malaysians customs have taken my phone and they won’t release it to me. Basically my iPhone was declared an iPhone…bad idea because those are apparently not allowed in the country. After fruitless phone calls and emails. I have surmised that I must go to some place I do not understand or have any clue to get to, and there I will get a form that I do not understand or have any clue what it is, and I have to take this form to the Malaysians customs office, which I do not understand or have any clue how to get to. So obviously, I’ve gotten pretty far. The whole situation still makes me super pissed off and frustrated. I wish Malaysia would just deal with me! I don’t even want the stupid phone any more. I would have been much better off just buying a phone here, I just assumed that it would be cheaper in the states. I’m going to have to pay 100MYR to get my fucking phone. 

Now I’ve gone and got pissed off again. 

Calm yourself, Brenna. 

Alright, I can’t be that upset because I do have flaming hot cheetos. I have not eaten them yet because I want to wait to open them until I have a cheeseburger or something to put them on! I’ve been craving flaming hot cheetos on a burger or a pizza. 

Okay, the package also had pictures and posters! So my room looks doubly as awesome. All the internationals are in love with the ‘101 places to go’ poster, so I’ve hung it in the front room so everyone can check it out. As a group, we’ve been to a majority of the places probably. Yay for traveling! 

I’m also planning on going to KL on Friday to hopefully retrieve my phone. Fingers crossed. If they haven’t sent it back by then. 

Warning to all: Do not declare electronics. 

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