Humor Of The Day

Terese (my Swedish roommate, for those who are having a hard time following the characters in this story) made dinner tonight. All I know was that there was potatoes involved, and I am so starved for potatoes I was totally down for it. However, this hilarious conversation ensued.

I’m sitting at the table browsing the internetand I’m overhearing. 

Terese: It’s roasted.

Joske: No, it’s roosted.

Terese: What?

Joske: Right? Roosted. Brenna? What is this called?

Then she brings me over a fork they were clearly talking about.

Joske: How do you call…the red stuff…

Brenna: (*dawning on me*) Rusted!

Joske: Rusted!? (Then back to Terese) We were close!!

I lost it. These are just perks of living with foreign roommates. They make food, and provide entertainment!

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