I Found A Chilly Place In Malaysia

Kara and I spend a weekend mostly on the bus.


This post is mostly just to be excited that I was wearing pants outside and wasn’t boiling to death. I have been telling everyone about how we got to hang out in a place that was actually chilly. This would be the Cameron Highlands. This is about a 4 hour bus ride from KL.

As you can tell from the above picture, this place is absolutely gorgeous. Those are all tea plants. This is the big place for ‘BOH’ tea, which is apparently a big tea manufacturer…of course I had never heard of them or anything. What? I’m not that much into tea, but that didn’t stop me from getting a nice mug of Cameronian tea when our tour took us to the BOH tea factory. Tea always sort of reminds me of being sick, which was why (even though the cup was very good) I didn’t actually buy any tea or anything. A few boxes on 2 year-old Chinese tea still in my cabinet in Minnesota was a reminder to me that I probably wouldn’t drink it. Image

You would think that I was in New Zealand or something!! It is royally a different experience than the other parts of Malaysia that I had been. This picture is my favorite. It looks like The Shire! I think you can see a bit of a hobbit hole right over there on the right side of the photo. And yes there was a breeze. I just stood at the top of this hill with the morning breeze and thought “shit, I’m gonna have to go back into the haze later today”. 🙂 All good things must end, I guess. Even weather. 

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