FMFA Day #3: The Day That Didn’t Happen

I cannot believe I haven’t posted anything about the last day of the music festival. 

Because this is royally exciting. 

Or depressing, depending on how you look at it. 

Let me remind you of where we are in the story. This is backtracking a bit. I had spend Friday night listening to Armin Van Buuren, who you have all looked up and are now a huge fan of (right?). So I am failing a bit in energy, and with a dinner of Old Town White Coffee in my stomach, and a very cute flower outfit ready for the last and final day of the festival. Kara are I were matching. That’s when we got:


Through FACEBOOK. 

Let me clarify, that this last day was pretty much the reason that I got excited about the festival in the first place. Macklemore was going to be there. FREAKING MACKLEMORE. As well as: Pharrell Williams, Yuna, Eric Prydz (the “Call On Me” guy). It was definitely the biggest day of the festival and even Joske had come out for this day only. 

Well it was CANCELLED. Kara was getting texts from her Saudi friends about it being cancelled and then Facebook confirmed. 



It was pretty depressing. We’re going to get our money back and stuff…but I was super excited to see these people. I have a real love for Macklemore. The deal is, we now know the 6 people died. 



It’s a statement about Malaysia, I’m pretty sure. Because basically, no festival would want to refund all of those tickets. They are still going to have to pay those acts. It’s the Malaysian government being ridiculously anal about things. The way I see it…these people probably would have died of meth some other time if there wasn’t a festival. Sound callous? I guess I don’t have a ton of pity for people who get addicted to dangerous drugs. And cancel the concert that I was looking forward too. I guess I can make the Malaysian government my scapegoat. 

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