Cameron Highlands And Bus Rides, Oh My

So the weekend started off in KL (like every freaking weekend. Lord) because Kara was going into the city to meet up with some couple that her parents knew. She brought me along because obviously I wasn’t doing anything else and she didn’t want to navigate KL on her own. We were planning on going to Cameron Highlands for the rest of the weekend, needing a chill vacation after the craziness that was FMFA for the previous weekend.

We met the couple in the KL Sentral Station (this is like the Grand Central of KL). This was clearly their favorite place in the city. They brought us to their “favorite coconut smoothie” place, inside the station.

They were this middle aged couple, who I think were in Malaysia to spread the Lutheran religion. Now, I have nothing against Lutherans! Actually of all the Christian denominations…it’s probably my favorite. The moral of the story is, if you can imagine the type of couple that would be in Malaysia spreading Christianity and doing bible studies and other shenanigans like that…then you have successfully imagined this couple. They were nice, though, and they have a pool, so Kara and I may be abusing that later.

The rest isn’t important, because the exciting part of the weekend was Cameron Highlands. 

We got the bus from KL about 12 (because we had slept in). We were tired and Kara passed out on the bus. I was listening to the iPod I stole from Lenny. I cannot deal with buses without iPods! The unfortunate thing is that I put some of my own music, but I haven’t used iTunes for years, so I’m listening to my favorite songs from 2012. I also read a whole book on the way and another on the way back. The bus ride was anxiety-filled as we climbed higher and higher into the mountains and wound around these tiny mountain passes on our HUGE COACH BUSI kept looking over the edge of the cliff as we would swing around these blind corners, like “Yep, that’s my death right there”. Of course, I survived, or I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

The issues with finding a hostel when we got there was real. We must have wondered around to half a dozen places, and they were all full. We ended up with the last room at some hotel. It was way over priced, but we were tired and pretty much in a “whatever” kind of mood. That night we just bought some dinner and then passed the fuck out.

The next day was the beautiful day in Cameron Highlands. We had paid 30MYR for a tour that picked us up from our hotel at 8:50 in the AM. Now, Sleeping Marge was a bit pissed about this, but our hotel had free toast in the morning, so I was satisfied. Or at least Hungry Janet was. (Are you all keeping up with the multiple personalities I have devised for myself?)

The first stop was a BUTTERFLY FARM. 


Yes folks, that is the face of pure bliss. I caught myself a butterfly. It took a while (much longer than everyone else, to my chagrin), but my day was made.The next stop was a bee farm, which brought from me a bunch of “Wicker Man” references. A movie, I had ironically made everyone watch the “Best Moments” from only a few days earlier. “Not the bees!” “You bitches! This is Murder! Murder! You’ll all be guilty!” “And you’re doing it for nothing!” “Killing me won’t bring back your goddamn honey!”

(Have I proven myself a film student yet? Or possibly just a weirdo)

After the bee farm was when we passed the beautiful view I posted pictures of a post back. This was on the way to the BOH tea I also already described. Come on people, read these in order please. I post them very specifically (this is complete bullshit, considering I just finished posting about FMFA only after I started posting about this most recent. I guess I’m getting a but caught up in Malaysian life and keep forgetting to post. This is a good thing though right?). Back on topic, woman! 

The Strawberry Field! Yes folks, just like my tattoo. Strawberry Fields Forever! I was obviously the most excited for this part, though, I figured out it isn’t quite a Strawberry field…more like a hut.



I was excited about it none the less. And can you see the lovely new orange pants that I had to buy because it was cold, and also because they are oh so comfortable and fashion-forward. You heard that right: It was cold so I had to buy pants. Of course, there are about 4 pairs of completely ignored pants sitting in Tanjung Malim that I could have brought were I more forward-thinking. Alas, I have this comfortable beauties to sleep/go to class in. The lines between pajamas and school clothes really get blurred around here.



Then I bought a bunch of strawberries and Kara and I got some truly delicious strawberry milkshakes. The tour ended on a happy note, and then we set off on the about 6 hour trek back to Tanjung, which actually involved a bit of backtracking because we had to take a bus past Tanjung to KL and then back from KL to Tanjung. However, I got back in time to do my math homework and browse facebook. So: The Weekend was a roaring success! 



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