Armin Van Buuren Takes The Stage: FMFA Day #2

I’m sure you have been dying to hear about the rest of Future music festival.

Believe it or not, I have actually been having homework and tests in my Malaysian classes this week, so I have actually been too busy to write this post! (Though, I wasn’t too busy to watch Lion King 1 1/2 last nightPriorities are clear). I actually remembered 30 minutes before my science class that I had a midterm today…so that was relatively stressful. The festival totally threw off my productivity. Not that I really had much productivity before the festival, regardless.



So i am all dolled up in this jersey I got from the thrift store and ready for day two of future music festival, a belly fully of KFC, and major excitement for my new favorite dutch artist Armin Van Buuren (If you are near a musical device look up: “This Is What It Feels Like”. His greatest hit, and my personal favorite song).

This night was much more wild than the first night! I snuck into a VIP tent area and then took a nasty spill off a platform and totally bloodied up my knee, but neither of these things prevented me from having a truly slamming time listening to Armin. And even his openers were pretty sweet.

The only shit thing about this festival was that water cost 10 ringgit! Now, 3USD for water may not sound like and outrageous amount to you, but it was 500ml of water, and I’ve gotten that here for 50 cents! The price, however, did not prevent me from buying 3 bottles over the course of the night. It was hot as hell.

We made friends with some other Americans and a New Zealander and spent the night with them. They were great. They were teaching in Thailand and now we’re all friends on Facebook and stuff! International friends. We lost Lenny again at the end of the night, and he didn’t come back until 9AM the next day. He had found some people and hitched a right with them back to their hotel and they hung out in downtown KL for a while I guess.

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