Stuff Is Happening In Malaysia

The plot of LOST is happening in my country. 



My lovely cousin Bridget (;)) asked about MH370 and I guess it’s a pretty big deal so I should mention something in this post, while I am listening Disney music. 

I got back from my weekend in KL to 2 very anxious people. The first was Lenny’s mother, who had friended me on Facebook, and was panicked about whether Lenny or any of us has been on the flight. Yes, not my mother. She probably asked her spiritual guide and figured out I was fine, or possibly she is too removed from social media and things to hear about it. The second person was my best friend (another shout out to MARAH cause I miss you like crazy), who, not unreasonably, thought maybe I had hopped a spontaneous trip to China. I hadn’t been in contact because I have no phone so there is no way for me to access the internet when I am away from my laptop. 

So no, I was not on the flight

But obvious it is the source of much drama. The radios and TVs are pretty much constantly playing news segments, though I understand none of it because it’s mostly in Malay. Personally, I am convinced it is the scenario from ‘LOST’. They are obviously alive, but stranded on an Island with magical and electromagnetic capabilities. Lenny thinks that the plane is in space, and likes to tell everyone he meets. 

The funny thing, is that the Malaysian media has said that people should stop posting crazy conspiracies. This means: stop blaming the government. The truth is, however, these days…do we really “lose” things like a whole freaking plane. Come on, Malaysia? I think someone in the government or something has to know what is going on. 

There is a nice side, though. Everyone is pretty much dedicated to prayer. I guess this is a pretty religious country. There’s the big #PrayForMH370. And I am a huge advocate of group prayer and things like that, group intentions are super powerful. During Armin Van Buuren’s set at FMFA he has a moment of prayer for MH370, which I thought was super awesome of him. In America, I feel like more people would get angry, but there would also probably be more details. Most people here don’t really know anything, we’re all starved for stories and things. There are conspiracies about the pilot and some people having false passports or something? But the Malaysians aren’t really keen to talk about conspiracies. I think they harbor a bit more respect for their government? Fear? Indoctrination perhaps? 

Regardless, One small good thing that could come is that maybe people will know where Malaysia is when I get back to the states. Courtney Love sure does. 🙂

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