Muzik in Kuala Lumpur: FMFA Day #1

It is thursday and I am on my way to KL for the 3rd weekend in a row. 

After dragging my whole weekend backpack to my two classes on thursday morning (not even phased by the odd looks anymore), and gotten on the hour bus ride (something I have grown very accustomed to) I found myself in Pudu Sentral KL with 3 other Americans. 

Now, why did it end up just Americans? Maybe we’re just much more eager and up for craziness that the other internationals. But without Austin. 

So the first struggle  of the weekend came from finding our hotel. After half an hour of driving, it was becoming more apparent that the hotel was not in the area that the driver thought. He proceeded to call what felt like him entire fleet of cabby friends to find the address to the hotel. 

Keep in mind, that I had just booked this hotel on recommendation from expedia a few days before. As I have explained before, this group of international travelers aren’t exactly great planners, so by the time we went to actually book a hotel near the stadium, the close options were considerably limited. (Of course, we ended up being driven around by friends, so the near location didn’t even matter. It would’ve been probably just as well to get a hotel somewhere downtown) 

The name of our hotel was: My Home. Which is….classic. So after another hour of driving, a good 10 minutes spent going around and around this complex full of speed bumps. Every time the cab (which was pretty janky, Malaysian typical) went over a bump the whole bottom of the cab would scrape along the ground and shake the whole car and make this truly awful sound. Finally, we got in contact with the hotel, and found it. 

And the water wasn’t working

There was a lovely sign saying “sory! No water!” There was no running water in the whole area. Typical Malaysia. However, there was another My Home hotel somewhere else and they were willing to help us get over there. After an excruciating conversation between Lenny, the desk clerk, and I about whether the other hotel was farther or closer to the stadium, we decided to transfer. The hotel manager came and drove us there in his own car. 

That was how we ended up in this very tiny hotel room for all four of us, and emerged in these lovely outfits. 



Overalls where the theme of the day. We have recently found this kick ass thrift shop in Tanjung Malim and I started the trend of getting thrift overalls and cutting them into shorts. I’ve also picked up some truly stellar tops and shorts. I’m starting a trend. (Partially inspired by “Macklemore”? Who knows)

I don’t think anyone would have assumed we were Americans. The face paint had been bought that day, and proved to be a truly priceless purchase. Lenny’s facial artwork courtesy of yours truly. 

Kara’s friends live in KL and were beautiful for driving us all around that night. And the concert was stellar. I was right at the front for Adventure Club and Will Sparks (Who I didn’t really know, but their set killed it). DeadMau5 closed, and by the end we had lost Lenny. He made it back, though. 

THe world is crazy small. 

One of the first things we did was push our way right up to the stage and I just happened to end up right next to my new friend Jake. Who is from Minnesota and goes to the U of M AND he is studying in Thailand! And he KNOWS THE GUY FROM CHAPMAN WHO IS STUDYING IN THAILAND. 

I was dumbfounded. 

But it gets better. 

Later we left the crowd to get water and met another girl just randomly who was also from Minnesota. That means of all the people we talked to which was not that many…3 of us were from Minnesota, USA and somehow ended up in Kuala Lumpur for Future Music Festival. I was psyched. 

I left that day with some bruises from the fence at the front of the crowd, but I would say it was worth it. 



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