Surprise Kuala Lumpur Birthday

My love affair with Kuala Lumpur continues. 

Vicky was planning a surprise birthday for Leigh on Friday and by Thursday nothing was really coming together for sure. I’ve decided there is a slight issue with the ISEP group because we are always up for anything and we like to go with the flow. I think it’s a thing because we all had to be pretty chill to go with Malaysia. This left me on thursday, thinking ahead, remembering the issues from the previous weekends in KL and thinking “Okay, we need to plan out something” 

KL Weekend #3: Attempting To Surprise Leigh

So, let me set the scene. There are 10 of us (not including Leigh and Vicky, who had gone to KL in the morning) who had to surprise Leigh. All we knew in the morning was that we were going to sneak into their hotel room and then Vicky would bring Leigh back and we’d be like surprise! And Friday morning he had no idea. 

Lenny, Austin, and Therese had gone to the Batu Caves early in the morning. I had given Austin my phone (because him and Lenny both don’t have phones. Very inconvenient). Sarah and Emilie had taken the bus early in the day, thinking of going to embassies to get visas for spring break travel. Kara’s friend who lives in KL was gonna pick us up, but by 1PM it was clear he had overslept or something so we booked it to the bus station. We just happened to meet Fabbian on the way and the three of us made it to KL by about 3:30. I had talked to everyone early about meeting at 4. 

So, Emilie and Sarah were already there and in the KLCC area. So we had to get the metro to KLCC and ended up meeting them at like 4PM. Then we had to wait there for Joske to find us (she had just hopped a bus by herself earlier in the day. What a badass). Then Vicky said she was gonna meet us by the towers to give us the room key. Lenny, Austin and Therese found us at about 5PM and at this point we are all in the shopping center by the towers (This means Leigh as well) and Vicky has to sneak away and we all had to just hope that Leigh didn’t see either of us. 

So finally all 10 of us found each other and then we began the truly struggle-filled process of making it to the Pacific Regency hotel. We had to keep waiting for people to use the bathroom or buy pastries. We left KLCC at about 6PM. Then we got a train, but clearly we haven’t mastered the train because we must have gotten off somewhere wrong because we ended up transferring 3 times just to get a few blocks away. Then we asked a half dozen people which way to the hotel and all had to make the trek over there. 

The adventure isn’t over. Because we were convinced that the room was on the 30th floor but our card wouldn’t let us press that floor, so we got off at 31 and head into the stairwell. We get to the door to floor 30 and it is lockedWe yell “hold the door!” to the others coming into the stairs, but it’s too late. The door slams and locks. We are just standing in the stairwell like…holy shit. We are trapped. So everyone starts panicking, and breaking out wine or something. I think at this point we were tired and delusional. 

I was the rational one and decided to walk up a few floors and at 33 the door is open. Then I ask and learn that the room is actually at 31 and we make it to the room. All in time to surprise Leigh. 

Plan is a success. 


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