Drumming And Dressing Inappropriately

Oh, It’s just like your typical day in Malaysia. 


Look! I learned to play the Malaysian Drum. I also was a master at the instrument that Austin is playing in the picture. It’s pretty much a xylophone. It has some sort of complicated Malay name, but so does everything in the room, and after the teacher guy started to point them out I pretty much immediately forgot them. 

He even wanted me to solo. Kinda. 

Basically, Kara and I followed Austin to his Malaysian music class. We had signed up for the music class, but I don’t think this was the right one. Regardless it was such a blast!

The professor came in for a second, kicked a few students out, and then let this young dude teach the class. And he obvious was in love with me and Kara. We were cracking up, because when we walked in with Austin all the guys are like “whoa!”. Now, don’t get ahead of yourself. These Malaysian boys are not up my alley. 

First: They are at the maturity level of like 9th graders. 

Second: Apparently the real hip fashion trend for boys in Malaysia is this weird stringy goatee. Because none of them can grow like a real beard (asian genes), but they can all manage these weird straggly-looking beard things. It is foul. 

My wednesdays are pretty chill. Enviromental science is mental. 

Today. The professor was describing how there are the less developed countries in the world and the developed countries. She goes “Which in Malaysia?” One smart student was like “less developed”, and I’m like “duh”. She goes well maybe somewhere in between. 

I’m like…I got 2 words for you lady: butt hose. I guess I got to cut her a break, it’s just pride for her country. Maybe she didn’t want to shit on Malaysia too much, I mean I’m sitting there in my Foreign Exchange skirt like…sup. #MERICA

I am an innapropriate dresser

Yesterday was a success on many levels because we managed to find a thrift shop. And i got 3 shirts, a pair of jeans (now shorts) and overalls (soon to be short-eralls). Oh, and a belt and a scarf. This was all like 30RM btw. 

So I was drinking wine and cutting up my shorts and still on a high from the previous music class. I was walking around in my underwear because like…WGAF. Then I remembered I had told Farah that I would meet with our audio group at 9PM. And so of course I just throw on the first thing I see, which were these real short shorts. 

And a guard actually told Farah to tell me to put longer pants on. Of course, this was like at the end of the night when I had gone home and she said a guard had said something to her as she was leaving. 

So yes, I understand it’s a cultural thing, but this is like my dorm area. Seriously. I mean, do they think we weren’t born naked? The whole constantly being covered up thing actually draws more attention to it, I think. 

The other day someone told me that when magazines and things come to the post office, they look through the whole thing, and they black out anything they think is inappropriate. Like if someone is showing too much cleavage. And sometimes they just rip out the pages. This is so beyond ridiculous to me. 

Well, that’s when you get when you travel abroad I guess. Live and learn. 

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