Why Malaysia Is Better Than Where I Live



This picture is from yesterday, when it also poured. The Malaysians that live around us think we are crazy because when the rain comes out, Brenna goes swimming. Rain is seriously my favorite, and I never get it in California. It only mists. Sometimes. And then everyone panics about it. I listen to “Maggie May” and dance around. 

Malaysian rain is the best because it is so fucking hot all day, that when it starts to rain, it is like god has taken mercy on you. 

This was a lovely end to a tuesday. Monday my math class was cancelled, which was the best thing ever. I seriously hate math. I didn’t know it was cancelled because I skipped it on Thursday. Solely because I really really didn’t want to go. It is just miserable and everyone in that class looks at me like a pariah. The other day I walk up like “why are you all waiting outside the room?” and they all just stare. Then they start like laughing and giggling. I am fuming, thinking, “listen here. It is early in the morning and I am not a morning person, so you don’t want to get on my bad side right now, I will knock you in the jugular” 

I killed time on Monday in Old Town White Coffee, which is always the best. My kindle is attached to my hip now (because it’s the only way I can tell time on the go), so I’ve been getting a lot of reading done. It fits perfectly in my chinatown leather bag. 

So Tuesday, I only had one class, that I prepped for with a truly delectable meal of this baked cheese rice dish with chicken and mushrooms and I basically passed out from the delicious. So, I was falling asleep in class. 

That didn’t matter because I came home to even more rain



That’s me lying my risqué outfit on the soaking ground. I was loving it. Anything to save from the suffocating heat!


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