KL Trip Where We Achieved Nothing

Riding on the bus to KL phoneless is depressing. 

I’ve been feeling the loss, actually mostly because my phone also had all my music, all my pictures, it was my camera, and my alarm clock. I’ve switched to using my laptop and this crazy annoying high-pitched alarm. It was also just my clock in general. I am now carrying around my kindle everywhere because it is the only other object I have that tells time. This is a little ridiculous. It also had the guitar tuner and guitar tabs app for when I want to play Big Red. 

So this weekend I went back to KL just for the day, and it was comical, because we literally got nothing achieved. I bought a new scarf, which was probably the greatest thing anyone achieve. Celeste got these beautiful vintage posters, and then promptly left them somewhere in KL before they could make it home.

I was there to visit the apple store, which doesn’t exist. It’s just an apple reseller. And they informed me about the unfortunate Malaysian phone replacement policies. So left there feeling bummed.

We had all been craving Lebanese all day, but the Lebanese place we found in the Pavillion (if you remember from provious KL posts. The pavilion is the fancy mall) was way too expensive. At this point, I need some food, but Celeste and Therese and dead-set on finding this organic place. This is the reason they came into the city.

We saw the word “Kisma” on the address and remembered that name on a place nearby, so we head over there. Eventually, a Malaysian security guard explains that there are a lot of Kismas. I think it literally means “market” or something. So, rejected, we wonder about some more with food at the ultimate goal.

And I got guacamole. Following the usually theme for Brenna, food made this day better. We found this moderately priced latin american restaurant. I got some delicious home-made guacamole and chips and a steak sandwich, and so that had me feeling good for a while.

We rounded off the day not being able to find the long board Therese wanted (her reason for coming into KL), and after a long search, the organic shop wasn’t much of anything. The Malaysians don’t really do organic or vegan anything. Someone from California needs to educate these people.

But I still love KL. I liked being in the city, and even though I spent the majority of the day grumbling, at least I wasn’t sitting at home just mourning the loss of my phone. Of course, now I am being melodramatic on the blog. Give me a break. I have to carry around my whole laptop when I want to listen to music. And have you noticed there hasn’t been pictures in a while? Yeah that’s cause I have no camera!! 

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