Singing Is Just Cultivated Shouting

Yes. I know I haven’t posted since being excited about Big Red! 

And that is because I have been mourning the loss of my phone. I left it on a bus, and it has since been turned off by someone that is not me. So the assumption is that…someone took it. Which is pretty shitty.

The bad deal of the situation is that in Malaysia they don’t honor warranties or anything, so any iPhone I would attempt to buy would be full priced. Which is like $800 US. Like 2,000RM. I went all the way out to KL and came back empty handed.

Okay, back to the topic. 

Choir is awesome. Well actually…we are royally terrible. Two of my fellow altos actually asked me what being “off-key” meant.

So that’s where we’re at. 

The professor is from Bulgaria and wears colorful silk tops. (If you need a mental reference for Bulgaria, remember that Victor Krum and the whole of Durmstrang is from Bulgaria. A fact that came to me with a fit of giggles in the middle of class).

Professor Bulgaria spouted out these gems over the course of the class period (please imagine all of these in a flamboyant Bulgarian accident):

“Singing is a cultivated shouting”

And referencing Austin: “The Boy”

To a very sad girl, attempting to sing for him: “In tune!”

To the same girl “Loud doesn’t mean out of tune!”

“Girls control yourself”

“You cannot breathe!”
His anecdotes to describe proper singing are positively hilarious. I am already his favorite student, partially because I am one of the only people there who has any prior choir experience. Or can even sing in tune. I am also the favorite because I can play piano.
AND. He had us speak the English words so the other student would know the proper pronunciation. He said “When we sing the Italian, I will do the pronunciation” and of course I’m like “Well, I speak Italian”
To which he responds ecstatically: “COME STAI?
“Bene grazie, e lei?”
So, I’m the favorite now. Typical.
Kara, Austin, and I are in for a crazy semester, I think.

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