Home Sweet Home

I bought a rug. And pictures.

Now my room is so homie. This was off advice from my big (LOVE YOU BIG!). It’s cured a substantial part of my homesickness.

I think there was part of me that hoped I would just never really feel homesick, and it’s not too bad now. I just know it’s probably coming.


There’s me this afternoon. I’m lying partially to enjoy the rug and partially out of sheer exhaustion being forced to walk around in the sun outside the supermarket. I’ve almost resigned myself to a “forced siesta” between the hours of 1-4 if I don’t have class. Because it too bloody hot to be outside. The Malaysians think it’s hot. I just want it to rain!! I want that pool that exists near Chapman dorms. Why did I never utilize it when I was at Chapman?! It was never this hot. This is hell.

Just to add about today:

I’ve decided that there is another person that comes into my body sometimes and her name is Hungry Janet and Hungry Janet has no regard for what I want or how I feel. She just wants good. She wants what she wants right now.

And it is Hungry Janet’s fault that I am not starting myself on a “bread only” diet. I think I had one too many roti or cheeseburgers. I’m beginning to feel the sick.

Therese (Sweden) and Celeste (Wisconsin) made something in the cooker today that ended them both in bed, sick to their stomach. I just feel like my intestines are trying to escape my body.

Bread only. Janet. Dammit Janet. (Movie references!)

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