Film School? Maybe?

Real conversation.

Brenna: What do you edit on?
Malaysian: *confused look*
Brenna: Edit?
Malaysian: *confusion*
Brenna: What software do you use to edit? Program?
Joske: Software?
Malaysian: Oh! Photoshop, Indesign, Premier.
Brenna: (know-it-all) Premier?! Oh, okay. Do you know avid?
Malaysian: *blank*
Brenna: Avid?!
Malaysian: No
Brenna: Its the industry standard!! (Just kidding dodge) No, Avid is lame.

What? Brenna’s a film student.


My lovely, dear of a roommate Joske was pulled in by the advertising department to be in a commercial for UPSI. I tagged along because obviously how could I not take an opportunity to scrutinize their film making. To be honest, I miss film school though. It’s too fun.

We both want to leave for the market though.


One thought on “Film School? Maybe?

  1. LUV’UUUUUUU Just love you dearly — you are wonderful — I am having a great time reading your blog — and feeling so much that you are truly sharing yourself. I did send the address to relatives — they know how proud I am of you… G

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