To Eat: My Favorite Thing

Gonna start it with a shout out to Leigh from UK who is my food-obsessed buddy. 

So, for all those who know me well. I love food with a passion. It is basically the highlight of my life. And this post is going to be a positive one, not about the crazy nuances of Malaysia, but actually a list of all the great foods I’ve tried so far. And despite the abundance of rice and bony chicken, I have to say I have had some great meals her. 

(This will not include the yummy pizza and fried chicken I had in KL, because that was really a weak “I miss America” moment)

1. Roti: These are kind of like crepes in the way they are made with dough on a flat stove, but they are more bready. I get them with chocolate (milo) and banana (I don’t know how to say that in Malay. I just tell the man “chocolate and banana” and he understands). This is usually what I get for dessert. 

2. Pau: Or as I like to call them Fluffy Buns. Those are what they call those Chinese steamed buns. I’ve had them with chicken (ayam), BBQ Pork (In Chinatown) and sometime sweet called Kaya…or Kala…or something that started with a ‘K’. These are very good. I’m a fan. 

3. Bubble Tea: Okay, this one really shouldn’t count because I get bubble/boba tea in America, but it must be added solely because I am a regular at Cool Blog now, which is very exciting. 

4. Nasa Goreng USA: So Nasa Goreng is like fried rice with various things. Ayam=chicken. The USA comes with beef, yummy sauce, and a fried egg. It’s also really spicy (like most Malaysian dishes). Too much rice makes me feel sick and heavy, though. 

5. Satay: These are the fried sticks of meat (like the ones from my very favorite Na’s Thai back in Minnesota). They are usually like 1RM for a stick, so I can buy like 14 at once and not feel guilty. 

6. Kiwi Juice: This is by far the best flavor of juice you can get. It is always fresh. The Malaysian juices are great and they are usually made fresh and you can taste it. I also like Lychee. 

7. Pancakes: They are different. This is a reference to the yummy, really thick pancakes I had one day on the island. They were like half an inch thick and we got them with honey. 

8. Cabbage: This would be the delicious cabbage that they make at this Indian buffet place near campus. It has all these spices and it’s these shredded cabbage bits and it is so good. I literally got a big take-out box once and brought it to dinner while we ate at another place. 

9. Corn: There is my lovely new friend Akim (he also wants me to be his girlfriend) who runs a little cart right by the bus station near my dorm. He sells fresh sweet corn. He will cook it in butter for me. It’s only 3RM (2.50 for me because he loves me) and like the best snack ever. We decided that Akim should get loyalty cards and then we can all become loyal customers of his little stand. 

To be truthful, this is mostly what I’ve been eating. We got a cooker so I can make toast and noodles. It’s been a lot of rice and bubble tea, folks. 

This is an open request. If anyone can send me steak and garlic mashed potatoes. My address is: 

Brenna Foley #109
Kolej Aminuddin Baki
Universiti Pendidikan Sulton Idris
Kampus Sultan Azlan Shah
Tanjong Malim

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