The Day Continues In Shopping Malls

And piercings happened.

We left Chinatown for the Pavillion Shopping Center in a busier part of KL. This place was a bit too classy for traveling college students. Chanel isn’t exactly my go to.

Lenny was dead set on getting his ear pierced and pretty much everyone else in the group had decided that they had something on their body they wanted pierced. (Maybe it’s a KL fever sort of thing) I had bad memories of my last piercing, which was enough to keep me on the sidelines for these shenanigans. Though, I did walk into a Pavillion jewelry shop expecting them to know where to get pierced, and they were confused and a bit disturbed by the request, sending me out of the mall completely.

Leigh and Vicky had convinced the group at this point that they knew all of KL, and since none of us could claim better, we were led to a much lower key shopping area. This one had bubble tea for me (score!) and piercing places for everyone else.

We took Kara and Lenny up to a tattoo parlor, both of them wanting a little more than a stud shot through the ear. And we made best friends with Kelvin.


There he is there! And that was after Kara’s truly painful ordeal. The girl wanted two in her hear with a corkscrew going between them both. What she wasn’t prepared for was that meant Kelvin had to slowly pull the entire corkscrew through her raw, newly pierced hole. I was the hand-holder on this one. Let’s just say, Kelvin named his fish “bad ass” after us that day.

So filled with new holes, and Famous Amous, we left to explore the KL nightlife.

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