I Was Called Mature and Chunky

My audio classmates are killing my confidence.

I always get looks of shock when I tell people I’m 20, which I guess I should take as a compliment. The Malaysians say I look “mature”, which is probably a compliment? Whatever, I’m taking it as one. I figured out today the shock comes because most of the Malaysians are like 22 or 23. They start university later. Honestly, I think all the Malaysians look way young. I see some people walking and I’m like “You cannot be a college student! You must be 14!” I guess they will be loving it when they are 50.

Farah also said the boys were calling me chunky. Which I think just means curvy. They all want me to be their girlfriend. I’ll make it a competition to see which Malaysian boy can communicate with me the longest without bursting into giggles, and I’ll make that one my boyfriend. In other words: never gonna happen.

To end this post on a happy note: I am officially a regular at Cool Blog bubble tea place! Yes, it only took me a week. Bow down to my skills at:

A) Making people immediately love me.
B) Becoming very quickly obsessed with things.

Either way. I went there today and the woman goes “Milk tea with bubbles!” And I’m like “Yes! Does this make me a regular now?” She said yes, so that makes it official!

I lied, I’m adding one more hilarious thing and that is today a Malaysian was singing Wrecking Ball. And that was how I discovered that they had been pronouncing Miley Cyrus like Milly Crush. I nearly passed out laughing.

So it’s been a good day.


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