A Kuala Lumpur Weekend


I killed it in Chinatown!

So, having seen KL and not going back to it for over a week made me beyond psyched that people wanted to go this weekend. A whole 8 person group hitched a bus at 10:30. The bus takes about an hour, time filled with Indian television. From what I could gather, it was a musical, comedic, crime show? (Reminiscent of “Cop Rock”? Not exactly). I got the sense that the people who made the show were on drugs.

Well, I also spent the bus ride practicing Rap God for the impeding competition still going on between me and Kara. Keep updated folks. The rap-off is probably coming up soon.

The moral of the story is: I also got Starbucks!


Right off the bus, and practically sprinted there. Yes, that is a Venti iced coffee. I explained to the worker that in America the Venti is much bigger. He concluded that it must be smaller because they are Asian. Touché.

The first thing we hit was Chinatown (see picture above) which included one of my very favorite things: markets. Which I love because markets contain my other favorite thing: bartering. And I got mad skills.

I usually go for the “Hi, I’m a beautiful American girl. Please, pretty please will you give me a lower price” (insert eyelash batting here). Then I close with the killer: Just hand them the amount you want to pay and walk away with the merchandise. Just yell “Thank you!” over your shoulder and high-tale it out of there before they realize you got your way.

I came out of this market day with some new linen pants that are beautiful, a new leather purse, and a portable Bluetooth speaker. This was all about 110 RM (Yes, folks, that’s about $35. I am the queen).

The only failure of the day were these beautiful patterned pants, and the man wanted 200RM for it. To which, I politely explained was ridiculous considering that my other linen pants were only 30. Then is said I would maybe pay double, so 60. That was too low so I said 75 and stuck to it. I used every trick in the book. I pretty much begged and I knew he would go down to 75. He was just being a hard ass. I walked away 3 times. The last offer he had was 80 and I think I probably should’ve settled at that point, but hell, I probably didn’t need $30 pants! So, I am a bit bitter about that. But luckily:

I got BBQ Pork buns to save my day


Oh yes. And shrimp puffs. The foodie in me is dying. I am actually loving food. I need to make a long food post later. With pictures! So everyone can experience the lovely tastes I’ve been having.

More of KL to come after I’ve gotten a well-deserved night of sleep.


3 thoughts on “A Kuala Lumpur Weekend

  1. Hey brenna! Just wanted to let you know I love reading your posts! I hope you are having a fantastic time in Malaysia! I can’t want to see you during the summer hopefully! Love you!!!!

  2. ” I explained to the worker that in America the Venti is much bigger. He concluded that it must be smaller because they are Asian. Touché.” Hahahaha! This is hilarious! Your reaction must have been priceless when he gave you the answer.

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