I Found A Coffee Shop

And other things that happened on Friday.


I’m gonna ignore Friday day because I mostly read my shitty book and attempted to learn Rap God by Eminem (which proved truly difficult). Kara and I are in a competition and she’s trying to learn “Look At Me Now” and loser owes winner Roti. (Like fried bread things. I have to do a good post soon)

And I am wallowing because my acapella group back at school is going to ICCAs and probably having an Aca-party and I’m not gonna be there. (I’m trying to fill the void with Malaysian choir). So I will focus on my food-filled Friday night. (Oh the joy for alliterations! And parentheses!!)

The moral of the story is, after cabbage to go and a difficult chicken bone situation: I wonder into the coffee shop to look for a bathroom. Typical. Yes, it is my personal conquest to pee in every bathroom in Malaysia, thank you very much. But actually. I got basically an Oreo Cookie Crumble Frappaccino! And the place has wifi. And AC. Plus, a nice bathroom. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from life.

And it’s right across the street from campus. I think I found my new hang out!!

In a bit of rand order, I also am addicted to bubble tea, which I got for the 3rd day in a row yesterday. In addition to these dumplings I have been salivating over for a week.

And. Just to make this post as log and random as possible. I talked to the guy in charge of Arabic and he pretty much told me there is no basic Arabic class (which rings of a bit of bullshit), but leaves me with a gap that needs to be filled. Arabic was gonna be a struggle anyway. Kara knows it. She can just teach me.

So back to last night. I also played in the rain. Which is something I always miss in Cali. So point 1 to Malaysia on the rain situation. I can’t start thinking about In-N-Out again, though, or the scales won’t stay even for long

Animal fries.


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