Lenny Got A Moped

And other exciting things that happened on Thursday.

So first of all, Lenny got a scooter. He named it Sharon. Of course, this prompted loads of nostalgia and anecdotes from me about my own Vespa. I told Lenny that his excitement for his own scooter and my excitement are probably about the same. I am so excited! And I got to ride on it, which was actually the first time I have ridden on a scooter (believe it or not). I’ve always been the driver. And let me tell you, now I get why all the people I drive freak out a bit, because it is much scarier!!

She actually broke down tho so she’s getting fixed.

So I can move on to the other things that have been happening. Like I’ve officially found my bliss: sitting on the patio, reading shitty fantasy books on my kindle, and listening to broadway show tunes.

Yesterday, I only had one class, which is Math. You know what they say about math: it’s the same in every country…royally boring and filled with Asians.

The professor is this Asian man who, I realized about halfway through the class period, reminds me of a karate instructor. He has this little mustache and wears these long silk robes and he does these moves at the board when he’s drawing graphs. And of course, this proceeded to distract me and crack me up for the rest of the period, earning me even stranger looks from my Malaysian peers.

Dinner yesterday was cheeseburgers. And at 15RM they were still widely appreciated. I noticed as I was ordering that there was a display of pictures various people had drawn. So of course I resolved to get my artwork on that broad. I drew a map of the world and all the places we were from. And little stick figures of everyone. And the people and the restaurant were in love with it obviously.

So burger and boba in my belly, I went to bed a happy camper.

(Though I did have to kill a massive spider before I went to sleep. Ah, c’est la vie)


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