Audio Geeking Out

Alright. This is a blog for myself. Thank you very much.

So, I feel like I’m entitled to a bit of audio geeking, because hey, that’s what I do.

I was sitting in my audio class and the professor was just explaining (in spotty English) how sound works. I realized, this class is going to be enlightening. It’s so cool to see something that has always been the same for you, to see that in a different way. They don’t have pro tools here, or a Foley studio. They don’t even know the proper procedures for recording in the industry. But there is something basic about learning audio without all that. It’s like being in an art class and you’re not actually making art, but you are learning what art is. It sounds kind of silly.

The moral of the story is. My audio class is my favorite. It’s like my passion in a nugget.

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