My Class In Malay

I had forgotten to write about the last class of Monday.

I show up for my Moral Issues class. It’s not like audio. It’s another one of the classes where I’m treated like a pariah. I asked a girl if she thought the class was in English and she’s like…no I think Malay.

So the professor shows up, acknowledges me, says that he will be conducting the class in English (to a collection of groans) and proceeds to do the rest of the class mostly in Malay. I think I may have to drop.

It’s actually an issue we have all been having. I think that the expectations from Americans or any foreigners is slightly higher than the Malaysians expected. Well, I’m sorry that I assumed the class options I was given were classes that I could take and understand. I’m not saying that all the classes should cater to me, I just mean that Nazar (who knew we all were native English speakers) should have given us class options in English. I wouldn’t have minded more limited selection if I knew I could understand it. What a hassle.

This post was a bit more aggressive. Not my typical hilarity. Bit hey, I’m in a foreign country, I think I’m entitled to a bit of bitching every once in a while.


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