Buying In Malaysia

Alright folks, This country is made for my spending habits and lack of funds. Everything is so cheap.

A typical lunch is about 4 RM (that’s like $1.25). Dinner with dessert is about 6 RM ($2). I can get a bubble tea for 3.50 RM. Basically, everything is a third of the price you spend in America.

I went to a supermarket on Sunday. I bought a laundry basket, towels, hangars, cleaning soap, sponges, body soap, bug spray, fruit, bread, peanut butter, spices, salt, pepper, and a few more things. My total bill was about $30 US. That is insanity considering I’ve probably spent twice that one one trip to target to get coffee grounds and folders.

This supermarket trip has made our little apartment feel much homier. We all agree that if we keep working on it, it’s gonna be very nice. I’m thinking we need some flowers and maybe a tapestry. Therese was thinking a Malaysian flag. I also was gonna print some pictures (need a bit of home).

We also got a cooker! It’s nice and electric and we made noodles in chili sauce the other day (which worked) and banana pancakes (which didn’t). It’s technically contraband…but it’s worth it.

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