The Second Travel Day From Hell

Why do I not wring from every moment a shining story of hilarity and awkwardness?!

The way back from Perhentian was particularly grueling. First, the boat literally soaked half the group. I think Vicky (the English) and Austin (American) got the bulk of it. Literally carrying the ocean in their clothes when the ride ended.

Then we had a long wait (which was made better by satays!) to get on a long bus ride to KL. It was the worst ride. Apparently the standards necessary to get class whatever license to drive a bus are considerable lower here than in the states. At some point it was like that scene in Speed. I though the bus was gonna tip over. I spend the whole night with my abs clenched trying to keep in the seat in stead of sleeping which left me sick to my stomach and very cranky. 4 people abandoned us at the KL bus station to catch a long taxi back to campus but the remainder wondered to the train station where we held up a whole throng of angry Malaysians trying to buy train tickets. Then we hopped on an unlabeled train that was not at the time out train was meant to be. The Malaysians on the train seemed to say it was going our way.

The deal with asking the Malaysians is that they want to be helpful so they will give you advice even if they don’t quite understand you.

“The International building!!”
I think the American said Library. “That direction!”
And it’s not the right direction.

So we end up at a spot half way, asking everyone we see which train to Tanjong Malim. Turns out it was the train we were on which was just taking a “convenient” 30 minute break. We got back on and almost everyone fell asleep. Then finally, we took a 10 ringgit can back to KAB. To which, I ended the trip with a long well deserves nap.


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