Meeting Farah: When I Decided I Was Gonna Make It

It’s not like Farah’s my new best friend. In fact, who knows if we will ever even become friends. It’s just something about that moment today that made me think “Thank God. I’m going to be okay”. I hadn’t out real words to it, but I guess I was thinking I just had to make one Malaysian friend. Well I guess I really kind of made a class full.

Alright, I’m getting ahead. Let’s Tarantino this bitch and go back to the morning.

After waking every hour in sheer terror of there being a cockroach in my room. Literal, sitting up straight gasping. Like from a movie.

My first class was 10AM and after an encouraging early morning FaceTime sesh with my big (LOVE YOU BIG!!), which by the way made me miss Chapman even more than I was, I left at 9 to catch the bus. I was figuring better to be safe than sorry considering my other earlier bus failures. Today proved no different. The first bus I got on was going to Old Campus and I needed to go to New Campus. However, the situation was remedied before the bus left so I managed to leave on the right bus. Of course it took all of 10 minutes to get there and I ended up with time to spare. Even after wandering aimlessly for a while to find the classroom. Make a mental note, folks, that in Malaysia the 1st floor is really the 2nd floor and so on. So my class on the SECOND floor was Calculus.

Of course, I’m the only white person and I get interested looks. It’s like I’m some exotic creature and everyone’s kind if too afraid to approach but at the same time still interested. That’s at least how that class felt. And it was pretty boring.

Making it to Old Campus from there makes me bring up a complaint. That need to pick one name for each place. I live in KAB. Easy enough. Now New Campus is not called New Campus. That would be too easy for the Malaysians. Instead, it is Campus Baru. A name that I cannot understand the root of after consulting all the info packets. I’m convinced it’s just an insider trick to weed out all the foreigners. Well, you won’t get me. No. I’ve lost all of my pride. I will parade around asking everyone I see to please explain to me again which bus goes where?!

(Breathe) Alright. So I my class at 12 was Audio Production. This had produced in me excited anticipation because it was a film-esque class and this was my zone. It proved perfect when I made friends with a class full of animation students. Proving irrevocably and (maybe) alarmingly that I guess I have a type. For friends. Digital artists and home and digital artists abroad. Not hard for me to find my people.

So my audio class. First, I would like to say that I am leagues ahead in this class. He asked everyone if they knew what a boom microphone is. A boom mic! Finally, I was like…”Well, me.” This proved I am clearly already at the head of the class.

Also, the professor started out by saying that he will be teaching the whole class in English solely for my benefit. All the Malaysians groaned to which I’m like…sorry? But I think they like me. Well, it’s more like I’m a mascot. That’s where I met Farah. Farah and various other Malaysian girls. There’s a real sense of “girl power” here, I’ve decided. Maybe it’s the gender separation? But Farah took me in like a mother hen. And I had a group of people to eat lunch with. Isn’t that like a good sign on any campus? I mean…it was bony chicken and rice, but still a good start.

My face is peeling and my lips are burning. This all combined with the Bell’s Palsy gives to the effect that I’m drying up slowly. It’s like a slow version of the end of Indiana Jones 3. I kinda feel like “The Mummy”.

I have one more class. More comments to come.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Farah: When I Decided I Was Gonna Make It

  1. Just wanted you to know I’m throughly enjoying your blog and countless adventures! Stay golden friend! Well wishes from Indiana!

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