UPSI Campus (pronounced “Oopsie)

Just your normal school right?

So we missed orientation, which at first seemed worrisome but turns out it really wasn’t a huge loss, though I now have little to no knowledge of where to go on campus.

I have learned however that the wardrobe I packed is completely inappropriate. Figures. (Yes mom I see the irony and I appreciate.) However, I grabbed myself a slamming elephant-print Malaysian-looking shawl that I guess will be my wardrobe item of choice for the next 5 months. The rules about dress are strict and very confusing. I’m going to offend someone with my sexy shoulders. That’s not my fault! It’s my best feature! πŸ˜‰

The campus is in two parts and you have to take a bus between them. This is a system I have yet to master. Kara and I caught a bus easy enough from the dorm area on new campus to the old campus but of course getting back wasn’t easy. We ended up on a bus that went to new campus but not the dorms and just rode the bus around in a circle, got off in Old Campus, talked to some Malaysians about buses (this is fruitless due to the combined issue of the locals not being super great at understanding English and the fact that we didn’t actually know the name of the dorm place we were trying to get to). Luckily the next bus that showed up attracted a lot of people so we thought “good bet”! We actually drove past a guy who had fallen off his motorcycle which is a bit horrifying.

Moral of the story: The dorm is KAB. We made it back.(I will now remember that so I can tell the taxi drivers where to take me)

We are in the international student dorm. They group us all together I guess because they don’t want us offending the locals by walking around in our underwear or something equally inappropriate. Like a t-shirt.

The dorms are pretty standard. I have my own room that I share with two other girls. The plumbing is…interesting. There’s a sitting toilet (which is not always the case with the public toilets FYI) and a rather moldy shower. I’m thinking I can deal with it. Though I actually haven’t slept in the room yet.


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