First Thoughts: Kuala Lampur


So allow me to set this scene for you:

First of all, it must be 85 degrees and hair-frizzingly humid.

You are driving on the left side of the road which is absurdly disorienting. The countryside is lush green not reminiscent of anything in America cept perhaps Hawaii. There are palm forests and seemingly nothing else.

Then, the road heads up as the mountains come up quickly. They are close together and all green and the highway winds way up to the tops of the mountains and through passes and over huge gorges. You are up crazy high and then the road reaches a peak and the whole Kuala Lumpur spreads out infront of you.

The buildings are modern and they grow up from the mountains like giant trees surrounded by green. Around the base of the tall modern buildings are Asian-reminiscent structures with red roofs and pillars and amazing colors.

The primary colors of the Malaysian flag are seriously everywhere and with all the green, it looks like a rainbow. There are sky walkways and the roads go up over and under people. And it is seriously amazing. If you can’t tell by all of my vivid description I’m already a fan of Kuala Lumpur. It’s exotic and awesome. It is a lot like my previous favorite city in the world: Hong Kong!

This is exactly what I was hoping from it!

4 thoughts on “First Thoughts: Kuala Lampur

  1. looks and sounds amazing…. I seriously check your blog 10 times a day. It’s a lot more entertaining than Fargo ND. 😉
    Love you be Safe!!!

  2. LUV’UUUU As your mother said — keep the blog coming — you are a fab writer — I just marvel at all of your talents — I am so glad you are making connections there — with Kara and Farah — LUV’UUUUU G

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