Leaving Tokyo In The Dust

You can’t control everything folks.

I remember being sick with mono a few weeks ago and my mother warning I may have to go late to Malaysia. Absolutely not. So, yes mother the irony has set in on me now that my fears were realized. It wasn’t so bad though.

The moral of this story is that I have left Tokyo behind finally. Which allows me to make the remark to anyone complaining “I had, like, a 8 hour layover. Worst ever.” Try 73 hours (we calculated). Oh boy, another thing I can lord over people. My layover was worse than your layover.

My second experience at the Tokyo airport was relatively tame compared to the first. Only thing being our arrival to the airport 6 hours early out of sheer terror of missing our flight.

Only a few more hours until Malaysia and I have a small Venti iced coffee that cost me $5.80 to keep me up until then.

Arigato! (Which is “thank-you” in Japanese. The only word I managed to learn)

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