Finding The Hotel

A Tale of Piracy and Revenge, and Random Luck

So allow me to set the scene. Me and my future classmate and new friend Kara have been in the Tokyo airport for about 18 hours. It’s 3PM and we were supposed to be in Malaysia by now. The riots are over, but nothing is moving. Every Japanese human we talk to just says “nothing is going out. Too much snow” Well, we can see outside and it looks pretty peachy so… There are lines to buy bus tickets…but they aren’t selling any because no buses are going out. There are apparently no trains. We have a hotel in Tokyo but apparently no way to get there.

Seems like we’ll be sleeping next to the trashcans? Well, in an attempt to do something other than sit around. We hitch a bus to Terminal 2 to talk to Malaysian Airlines. Which aren’t there. On the first floor we encounter a huge line of people standing apparently waiting to go down the escalator to the train stations. A small Japanese woman is standing by a rope blocking the escalator, but I notice a man walk up and she lifts it for him.

In a burst of courage or rebellion and possible illegality, I just follow the man right under the rope and so does Kara. We just go right down the escalator in front of all those people. Where are we going? Not a clue. There is just a sign saying Tokyo and we think “that’s where our hotel is. Let’s go there!”

There is a big line of people waiting for something, but do we get in line? Hell no! We just follow some people right past, down to a train platform and on to a fucking train to Tokyo with no ticket and no real clue where we are going and what is going on.

So we sit on this ridiculously packed train in the freezing cold for about 3 hours because it’s getting delayed because of snow which we can see and it’s like only a few freaking inches. Tokyo can literally not function.

We get off at this Tokyo station. It is the most crowded station and we each have 3 bags. Everyone is practically sprinting around and this was as far as we had thought ahead. And in a burst of luck/brilliance we remember that we just happened to have google maps the location of the hotel when we temporarily had wifi in the airport. There is just one name in English on the map and we just happen to find the name on a subway map and we are like “THAT ONE!” So we haul our huge bags through the Tokyo subway station and get on another train with no ticket at all.

After about an hour we reach the station, get off. Show the text message I had about the hotel to a random Japanese subway worker. He points out the southern exit. At this point my phone dies. Kara manages to get enough wifi to google map the hotel, we figure out it’s 10 minutes in “this general direction” and head off dragging out bags through the snow and finally (at this point it is 9 PM) get the to hotel where we get to our tiny hotel room from heaven and pass the fuck out. So that was the most crazy travel day of my life.

Starting the semester out on a good foot here folks. :))

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